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አይዞን! AYZON - OUTNOW - ተለቋል!

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Posted on 28.11.2023

Blessed to share a Lifetime with our Musical Father RasKawintseb who Repatriated to our home town Shashemene Ethiopia 27th years ago and never worn a shoes in the promised Land! As Rastaman he gave his best for Ethiopia and Ethiopian Reggae Music like no one does it before, We are the first Ethiopian Reggae Generation in Ethiopia and almost of us been taught by him from Instrumental’s Vocals, Musical discipline…!!! It’s an honour to Present you a dream come true Reality Musical Movements of Music - Check OUTNOW!!! New Song - BAREFOOT🦶🏾🎶 🇪🇹🌍 ተለቋል 🎶. Binizion meet RasKawintseb in Shashemene Ethiopia 🎶 Available Worldwide 🌍. Lyric, Vocals, L. Guitar - RasKawintseb K.M. Music - BiniZion Harmony Vocals - Judi RasKawintseb Mastering - Ohad Nissim Musical Arts - Selam Semrete Selassie ከ Genesis Music Ethiopia present 2023 🎶🇪🇹🌍 #Barefoot #shashemene #ET #music


ዓለም - Alem

Posted on 28.09.2023

ዓለም - ALEM - New Song - OUTNOW! everywhere! Music Written and Performed by BiniZion Lead Guitar - Jossi Mastering - Ohad Mastering Genesis Music Ethiopia Present 2023

Alem BiniZion

ዓለም - Alem
United States of Africa Vol. 2

Posted on 26.09.2022

አፍሪቃ - United States OF AFRIKA - Vol. 2 OUTNOW! Everywhere! - African Music Ambassadors Episodes vol. 2 - Artists - 1 BiniZion - Ethiopia. 2 Atum Shekhem - Namibia. 3 Joseph Blue Grant - Jamaica. 4 Feven Yoseph - Ethiopia. 5 Jahringo Touray - Gambia. 6 JAHLINGUA - Costa Rica. 7 Ras Donovan - Dominica. 8 Abass Ndiya - Senegal. 9 Vido Jelashe - South Africa. 10 Hassan El Malik - Sudan . 11 Regis Molina - Cuba. 12 Sebastian Medina - Chile . 13 Marta B. - Poland . Music Composed and Produced by BiniZion ቢኒ ፅዮን . - Instrumentalists - 1 Guitar - Sebastian Medina. 2 Sax-phone - Regis Molina. 3 Trumpet - Martha. 4 Talking Drums - Abass Ndiya . 5 Oud - Hassan El Malik. Mastering Uwe. Genesis Music Ethiopia productions 2022.

Africa - አፍሪቃ

United States of Africa  Vol. 2


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BiniZion ቢኒ ፅዮን aka Binyame Ashenafi. Transportational Music Maker and founder of ግዕዝ "Geezroots Band" and @Genesis Music Ethiopia Independent Record Label; .BiniZion was Born and raised in Shashemene Ethiopia. In 2011 BiniZion formed his first band named ግዕዝ ሩት GEEZROOTS BAND - Instrumentalists are on Drums - Teferi Assefa and Jahnoch. Guitars - RasKawintseb KM, Fish. Ras Tame. Keyboards - Wubshet, Mesfin, Yonni. Saxophone - Jorga Mesfin. Percussions- Glasses Issachar. Masinqo - Teddy. Kirar - Ras Nati, Vocals - Jah Lude - RasJany - Anteneh Minalu - Ras Biruk - Abel Ragga - Roza Kifle - Gulian Soda - Teddy Dan - Chakulla and Goldi Locks - Heartical Spence - MC Yacob Marshal - ..In 2012 BiniZion established an Independent record label - Genesis Music Ethiopia - Productions .
In 2012 BiniZion released his first self composed single - SHASHEMENE - Produced by Ermias Dagne @Enzira Studio AA Ethiopia., In the same year BiniZion released - Equal Right and Hedeshal - singles Produced by Kamuzu Kassa and Gildo Kassa.@Shakura Studios AA Ethiopia./ In 2013 BiniZion and Geezroots Band released - USA Music video - for 50th OAU African Union Anniversary aka - UNITED STATES OF AFRICA - Featuring Artists - Gulian Soda. Goldi Locks. RasKawintseb. Anteneh Minalu. Jahpllar. Yoseph Bekele. Ermias Dagne. RasNati. In the same year BiniZion team-up with African Young Association - OAU - worked as Ethiopian Young artist representer and certifid by OAU. Organization of African Union AA.
. In 2013e.c. BiniZion started his first world Tour . In 2013 BiniZion Released - Abbatachin Hoy. Featuring - Tino - Music BiniZion. Produced by Ermias Dagne - Vision Studio AA Ethiopia. In 2014 BiniZion Release - singles - Ciao Ciao - ቻው - Music. BiniZion - Produced in 2011 by Kenny Allen EAR AA Ethiopia. In 2014 BiniZion Released - Single - Equal Right Vol,2 - Featuring - Lavosti Levi. In 2015 BiniZion Released - Single - Selam - with Music Video , Audio recorded @ Planet Earth Studio Berlin Germany§, On 02.10.2016 BiniZion released first self composed and written Album - SHASHEMENE ሻሸመኔ' Produced by Ermias Dagne, featuring. Artists - RasKawintseb - Jah Lude - Lavosti - Roza Kifle - Gulian Soda - Jossi - Saralène. - Instrumentalists. drums Big Finger. Saxphone. Jorga Mesfin, Trupmet Mathiew. Guitars Fisiha. RasKawintseb and Chris Issachar. Masinqo, Teddy Masinqo, preMix, Ermias Dagne. Mixing and Mastering and drums Aldub. Recorded @ Geezroots Studios Addis Abeba and Planet Earth Studios Berlin. In 2016 BiniZion release - Selam Music Video produced by David Lippmann | Roots Raket. Check out BiniZion YouTube channel for videos, On 02.10.2017. BiniZion Released - ABBATACHIN HOY - Musical Video. ft. Tino. and Emperor Haile Selassie I. and Atifrra single music. Music RasKawintseb and BiniZion. Recorded@Planet Earth Studios Berlin. MixMaster. Aldubb. In 2018 BiniZion released - SELAM Vol, 3 Music Video. Music BiniZion. Audio produced by Aldub. Video produced by Telsem films. In 2019 BiniZion released - QAL Single. Featuring Ray Asery and Miriam. Audio produced by Three Meters away, Video Produced by Telsem films. In 2020 BiniZion released - HAGERE Single Music BiniZion. Produced by Ermias Dagne. Video Produced by Telsemfilms. - In the same year BiniZion Release single - NO FEAR - Music written and performed by BiniZion. Guitar Sebastian Medina. Mastering Jahlingua. Video produced by Telsem films. Between 2021-2022 BiniZion Produced Albums and Singles for Various Artists and Bands Like - RasKawintseb KM. Joseph Blue Grant - Jahringo - Ray Asery - Hassan El Malik...etc. On 2.12.2022 BiniZion released his Second Solo Album - SEW - all songs written, composed, performed and produced by BiniZion - Lead Guitars Sebastian Medina. Mastering Uwe. @Genesis Music Ethiopia Productions. In 2022 BiniZion released - AFRICA Vol.2.- Single featuring Artists, Atum Shekhem - Feven Yoseph -Joseph Blue Grant - Jahringo - Jahlingua - RasDonovan - Abass Ndiya - Regis Molina - Vido Jelashe - Hassan El Malik - Sebastian Medina - Emperor Haile Selassie I - Kwame Nkrumah. In 2022 BiniZion Released - MANNEW - single ,Music Written and performed by BiniZion, Mastering Uwe. Video Produced by Telsem Films. In 2023 BiniZion Released single - One Blood - featuring - Joseph Blue Grant - Produced by Ermias Dagne Vision studio Addis Abeba Ethiopia ,Mastering BiniZion. For ETHIOPIAN NEW YEAR. 11.9.2023 BiniZion released single - ONE LIFE - this song become number 3 on Ethiopian POP Music Chart, three days after the released! Music written, composed and performed by BiniZion. Lead guitar Sebastian Medina. Mastering Ohad Mastering. On 28.sep. For Ethiopian Mesqel and Mewlid - BiniZion release new single - ALEM - Music written and performed by BiniZion. Lead Guitar Jossi. Mastering. Ohad Mastering. @Genesis Music Ethiopia Presents 2023. On.02.10.2023 BiniZion just released his new Album - ASHENAFI - All Music written and performed by BiniZion. Harmony Vocals Judi RasKawintseb. Lead Guitar. RasKawintseb. Mastering Ohad Nassim Mastering. Genesis Music Ethiopia Presents 2023. In Nov. 2023. BiniZion released his latest Single CEASE FIRE! Music written and performed by BiniZion. Mastering by Ohad Nissim. Album Art by Selam Semrete Selassie. Avaliable in all platforms! BiniZion Meet his Musical Father RasKawintseb in Shashemene Ethiopia and Make BAREFOOT Song NOW its Available worldwide. Vocals, L. Guitar. RasKawintseb. Music BiniZion. Harmony Vocals, Judi RasKawintseb. Mastering Ohad Nassim. Genesis Music Ethiopia Present .2023. BiniZion meet Ras Biruk in Addis Abeba Ethiopia and on 21.12.2023. Release Addis Abeba Single Avaliable worldwide in all platforms. On .07.01.2024. for GENNA Ethiopian Christmas BiniZion release BLESSED single Song. Music Written and Performed by BiniZion Lead Guitar Sebastian Medina. Mastering Ohad Nissim. Art works Selam Semrete Selassie. Genesis Music Ethiopia present 2024. On May 12 mother day BiniZion released Genesis Riddim Produced b BiniZion. Mastering Uwe. On 24th of May 2024. BiniZion X Anteneh Minalu Release A song AYZON. vocals Anteneh M. Music BiniZion. Lyrics Samuel Shiferaw. Mastering Uwe. Genesis Music Ethiopia presents 2024. BiniZion currently working on his debut Projects as well as multiple projects with other Artists and Bands, @ Genesis Music Ethiopia Productions! @GeezrootsBand.





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